Category: Kpop

Taeyeon: The Cutest Muse!

Advertisements I love Girls’ Generation. By far it’s my favorite K-pop group. After the wonderful voices of Tiffany Young and Jessica Jung, it’s time for me to celebrate one of….

Tiffany Young: The Queen Of Two Worlds!

Advertisements Tiffany Young is one of very few artists I would love to meet. No, the fact that she looks like an angel doesn’t have nothing to do. I would….

Jessica Jung: More than a Singer!

Advertisements Previously i talked about the Girls’ Generation. Between the nine members before 2013, there’s one, who fascinates and has created a HUGE controversy around her, although the controversy had….

Girls’ Generation (SNSD): K-Pop Goddess

Advertisements If you are not a K-Pop fans, maybe Girls’ Generation will not tell you absolutely anything. On the other side, if you are K-pop fans, you are already praying….

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