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100 Followers! Another Milestone!

Advertisements Hi Everybody…it’s been a while since i wrote my last post. Honestly, it’s not because i had nothing to say, because i have a couple of good ideas, but….

Fitness – Body Happiness: 1st Week!

Advertisements Finally the very first week of my journey into fitness is over. Right now, i would love to talk with you about my progress and my feeling throughout this….

Body Happiness: Day One!

Advertisements I have to thanks Olivia Lucie Blake! She’s the reason why my body started to becomes important. I have never directly talked to her. I would love to, but….

Collaboration: I am Open For It!

Advertisements I opened my Blog in November. In this three months i wrote a lot and very often (like twice a day), i tried to improved both my writing skills….

Likes: i reached 1000! 6th Milestone!

Advertisements And here we go again. It’s another milestone. This time is not a personal milestone, but something that WordPress told me: I reach the 1000 likes on my blog!….

Monthly Blog Review: January 2022.

Advertisements This is technically my second full month of blogging activity. So, it’s time for a Monthly Blog Review! How was January? Well, it was weird. Actually i don’t know….

Happy Birthday to me! (+30)

Advertisements Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mauro, Happy Birthday to you! I am officially a thirty-years-old man. My twenties are gone and now the….

3rd Milestone: the first Month!

Advertisements Is celebrating the first month of something a usual thing or am i just a crazy dude, who need to be internate in some rehabilitation center? You know what,….

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