Funny Side of Me!


Welcome…almost all the time i try to be a reliable blogger and i try to talk to you nice and int he best possible way. However, this doesn’t happen all the time. Some days it happens that the monkey in my head takes control of my body and i publish thing.

This part of my blog is just a way to make my monkey happy to do whatvery she wants! It will be all around funny and nostalgia…ready to know what the monkey has to say?


Are you a millenial and you have no idea how the life was without smartphone, computer and internet? Well, here there’s everything you need to know!

My Milestones!

I just don’t give too much important about how many like, comments and views i receive every day, however there are some moments to celebrate. Here there’s all my celebrations of those milestones!

Weekly Fake News

Fake news are everywhere and you can do nothing about it. What if we don’t use them to have some fun, instead of get mad or angry? Every Week i will write seven absurd Fake News, just to have some fun!

Funny Country Review!

Everyone of us has specific thoughts about a certain country…and lot of them are just absurd and hilarious. So, why don’t talk about it? Maybe it might be away to adres things and make them right!

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