• WordPress Community is Weird!

    WordPress Community is Weird!

    Hello, fellas on WordPress! How you doing? It’s been a while since the last time i wrote something. Actually is almost a month right now. I don’t tell you why i was not so active recently (i wrote a post about that), but right now i want to talk to you with something weird has been happening since the moment i stopped writing on a daily base. Keep reading, because it’s weird.

  • Spring: An Endless Love!

    Spring: An Endless Love!

    It’s already April, i know. I should write this post three weeks ago, but i don’t care! I write right now, because i want to write this post right now. More than that, here where i live, the weather is not actually that great: cold, cloudy and pretty rainy. Not exactly what i imagine when i hear the word “spring”. Spring is by far the best season of the year! Yeah, Autumn, Winter and Summer have something to offer, but spring is something special! Why?

  • Privacy: is That something Real?

    Privacy: is That something Real?

    The more internet and the digital business grow and get bigger, the more services we use on internet, the bigger is the concerns in everyone of us regarding our privacy. Privacy is a big thing apparently! Keeping our secrets and sensitive data protected and away from not good hands is essential to live a life without too much to think about. However, i have a little bit of problem with privacy. Which one? Well, read more and let me know!

  • 100 Followers! Another Milestone!

    100 Followers! Another Milestone!

    Hi Everybody…it’s been a while since i wrote my last post. Honestly, it’s not because i had nothing to say, because i have a couple of good ideas, but it’s was because i didn’t want to. I didn’t want to share my thoughts with the people, because i was not in the mood to do that! More than that, the situation right now is not actually that great and the world itself doesn’t give me lot to talk about. So, i left my WordPress account closed for three weeks. Then, a couple of days ago i reopened it and i find out something cool: i reached 100 followers.

  • Let’s Get Naked!

    Let’s Get Naked!

    This is not a post about sexuality. Absolutely not! This should be a celebration of what we are! Let me explain you, because nobody is naked, but we all should be naked ALL THE TIME! I know that i might sound absolutely crazy, but please, here me out before to insult me!

  • Facebook: The Beginning Of The End!

    Facebook: The Beginning Of The End!

    It was 2009. It was a great time. No smartphone, no social media and no people on the street watching thier phone constantly, completely forgetting to see where they are walking! Those were good times. And then something horrible happened in internet: Facebook, the very first social media. Please, someone get back in time and take away the computer from Zuckemberg’s hands. Let’s celebrate the beginning of the end!

  • Being a Mom and a Sex Worker: is it possible?

    Being a Mom and a Sex Worker: is it possible?

    Asa Akira, Jessa Rhodes, Jayden Jaymes. “Who are they?” are you probably asking yourself. Well, thanks for asking. For those who has no idea who they are, each of these women is a wonderful pornstar, that has helped to make great the porn industry. And they are also mothers. The “problem” is that these moms are or were used to be adult performers. Now the question is: is it possible to be a celebrity in porn and mom at the same time? Because being a female adult performer is great, but the world doesn’t want them to have a family! Just let’s think about it together!

  • Blog: 4 (Wrong) Advice to help the Growth!

    Blog: 4 (Wrong) Advice to help the Growth!

    As soon as yo write “blog” on Google and you click on “search”, there are a huge amount of article or blog posts that try to help you to find the right way to be the “next big thing” on internet, or in this world in general. A read few of them and i realized that they are all the same. Not that they are the same post, with only different authors, but what they write is exactly the same things. And i try them myself. The question right now i have is the following one: are they useful somehow?

  • Ukraine War: The World Will Never Be The Same!

    Ukraine War: The World Will Never Be The Same!

    Let me tell you something, brother! 2022 might be the “year 0” for humanity. What happened in Ukraine is awful, horrible and incredible to believe! I’m agree with you. But it’s also a huge opportunity: what will happen in the future is unclear, but things are changing and will change forever! No, it’s not going to be a sad post, but it’s just a post to try to understand what we need to learn from this horrible situation.

  • Abuses: Can men protect Women?

    Abuses: Can men protect Women?

    Every year, on March 8th, we celebrate the International Woman’s day. It’s for me a cheap way for men to fell less guilty about the society men themselves have created since the beginning of time. It’s basically a toxic society where men will do everything they can to keep the power away from women and dominate all over the planet. In this conditions, how are the women doing? Can they live in peace? Do they live abuses? I know that they are very stupid questions, but they are necessary for my post. So, let’s keep going!

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