• Talking: Being a Liar or Telling the Truth?

    Talking: Being a Liar or Telling the Truth?

    It happened to me almost every time: talking with someone. It may be a member of my family, a friend or myself. It’s like a nail in my brain that comes to the surface as soon as i have a person in front of me: what do i do? Do i lie or i tell the truth? This is a freaking big dilemma for me and i think for a lot of other people. My heart say to tell the truth and my brain tells me to lie. Who is right? My brain or my heart? Let’s find out together!

  • When The Advice is Real, But Fake!

    When The Advice is Real, But Fake!

    I am on WordPress since November and on social since 2010. I have see a lot and i will probably see a lot after this post. The funny part of being on social media is every single advice i read. There’s nothing wrong with helping people (i did it as well), but to be honest: how many of those advices are the same and completely wrong? Let’s see if i am right or i am just a depressed mind!

  • EYES!


    It doesn’t really matter how old we are, who we are, where we live or the time we live. There’s something that connects us all over the world: talking. In our entire lives, we talk with a lot of people and we see maybe millions of other people talk. Even if it’s something so obvious, often we miss the real reason why we talk. And the reason is to communicate something. The only big problem is that we have too much incomplete conversations: we talk, we hear, but we don’t really listen or understand. Is there a way to improve that? Well, i truly think so. Eyes are the solution!

  • Be Rich and Die Young or Be Poor and Live Long?

    Be Rich and Die Young or Be Poor and Live Long?

    Actually today i am writing my second post. This is something i wished for a quite some times. I am happy to be back mentally and deliver some good stuff! Since a couple of days i have a very weird thought in my mind…and this thought is basically money. However, i am thinking right now: What’s better? Be very rich and die very young or be very poor and live very long?

  • Bad Moments: How to Get Out From THEM?

    Bad Moments: How to Get Out From THEM?

    It’s been three years since we are living in a sort of nightmare with a lot of bad moments. In 2020 we had the covid and we had to face the fact that for a while we would have not been able to be free. Then, when things seemed to be going in the right direction, Putin decided to bring back the world in the cold war with a stupid and nonsense war against a pacific country like Ukraine. And now we have no idea how long we are going to live this uncertainty. Is there a way to get through it without getting completely crazy? Well, i found one!

  • I’m Tired…Mentally!

    I’m Tired…Mentally!

    It’s 2022. When i started this year i had so much ideas to develop. And i have started pretty good. Then i lost entirely my will to write. I feel tired, like i hate to write, even if i love to share think with people. But i can’t. Right now, i would love to share with you all my thoughts, because maybe i can find someone like me out there.

  • Twitter: Are You Ready To Fight?

    Twitter: Are You Ready To Fight?

    It was the year 2011. Facebook was becoming a huge thing and social media was a concept that was getting in our mind. In that year, another social media introduced itself to the world, changing the game forever: Twitter. It was not like Instagram or Facebook, because Twitter had something specific: every “post” (the so called Tweet) had not to be longer than 140 characters. A stupid idea, if you think about it, but funny enough to be a successful concept. Now it’s time to celebrate the best platform to start a huge fight!

  • Ukraine and the Two Worlds!

    Ukraine and the Two Worlds!

    As soon as the Ukraine War exploded, we have see that this is not a “classic” war, where two side fight with an army. This is probably the very first time where we can witness the new generation of war. A war that is not fought after all. What the hell am i talking about? Well, let me explain!

    Putin and a huge army to conquer Ukraine

    On one corner, we have the offender: Russia. For decades, Russia was the second superpower that controlled the balance in the world together with the United Stated. During the Cold War it was the opponent of the American side of the world. You can say whatever you want, but Russia was the only superpower ready to fight with the US. After the Cold War, however, something happened. The world is not the same. Balance is changed, because China became an economical superpower. But also technology and internet changed the world, connecting every single person and company in an unimaginable way. The problem is that European Union and United States understood that and we are changing. Russia not so much. Because if Russia had understood that, it would have probably not attacked Ukraine with an army.

    Having a huge Army is something belonged to the past. Now we have drones, satellites, intelligent missiles and too much information. Technically you can manage a battle with a console or you can pay an hitman to prevent it. Using hundred of thousand of people to “invade a country” is not a wise move anymore. Human being are not reliable to fight.

    The West and technology to protect Ukraine

    On the other corner, we have United States and the European Union. They have army, but thy use it for defense (expect United States). For this specific situation, the N.A.T.O is operating. But N.A.T.O. is only a defensive army. EU and USA are not technically fighting the war Putin Started, but they are gonna win it. How? Well, they are using something Putin is not using: technology. The banking and financial system is a huge thing. There is a huge connection between every single bank and financial market in the entire world. And Internet is the reason of this connection. If you cut one back or market out of the entire system, it will not be in the position to do anything.

    And this is exactly what is happening. Now Russian banks have no money anymore, huge society can’t have access to their money and they can work properly. Which means that people will lose their job and the Russian economy might collapse. Europe and United States don’t need to send troops to protect Ukraine. If the Russian Army hasn’t got any money to put gasoline into the tank or to pay the soldiers, the Army will not be a problem anymore.


    It’s a long game and people will die and lose everything. War is a bad bitch. The picture we are watching since the beginning of the conflict are horrible. But this is not a war for a country. Not anymore. It’s an Arm Wrestling match between Russia and the West. Putin thought like we were in the 1970s. He probably expected an army. The message before the invasion was clear. But Europe use technology in its favor.

    Now it’s a war to decide who rules in Europe. Putin tried to conquer the continent with al old school system, but he’s failing. The problem is that Ukraine is paying the price of this fight for the power. However, we are seeing that the way Europe is managing the fight is working: between Sanctions, Social Media, hacking attacks and maybe private rooms to organized protests in the deep web, an entire country (Russia) is getting on the knees. It’s a question of time. Russia will lose.


    Right now we are witnessing how much the world is changed. Before people died on the battlefield. Now entire countries die because they have no more money, without shooting once. We’ll see which kind of war is the most effective one!

    See ya


  • Putin: a Genius or a Dummy?

    Putin: a Genius or a Dummy?

    I don’t know what to say. What was impossible becomes reality: Putin (not Russia) invaded a pacific country like Ukraine for the reason we all know very well. And since day one, all around the world things happened. For the first time in my life, the entire Western side of the world is united to protect another country and condemned another one. Never happened before! But Putin made it possible. Well done! However, i have just a question in my mind: is Putin a genius or a dummy?

  • Fitness – Body Happiness: 1st Week!

    Fitness – Body Happiness: 1st Week!

    Finally the very first week of my journey into fitness is over. Right now, i would love to talk with you about my progress and my feeling throughout this week. I know that it’s only the beginning, but the first week it wasn’t easy. At all!

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