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Ukraine War: The World Will Never Be The Same!

Advertisements Let me tell you something, brother! 2022 might be the “year 0” for humanity. What happened in Ukraine is awful, horrible and incredible to believe! I’m agree with you…..

Talking: Being a Liar or Telling the Truth?

Advertisements It happened to me almost every time: talking with someone. It may be a member of my family, a friend or myself. It’s like a nail in my brain….

When The Advice is Real, But Fake!

Advertisements I am on WordPress since November and on social since 2010. I have see a lot and i will probably see a lot after this post. The funny part….

Failure: Are Always a Good Thing?

Advertisements In the last few days i didn’t write so much. I didn’t have enough inspiration to write. More than that, i am trying to get in shape and i….

Famous and not Famous: Can They Be Together?

Advertisements Yesterday i was talking with my sister about something. I don’t remember exactly where we started. At a certain point, we ended up talking about all the celebrity who….

World and its End: Any Thoughts?

Advertisements I am actually 2 and a half year too late. But who cares? Nobody! So, now i just want to play with you. In the last two decades we….

I Have Absolutely No Idea In My Head!

Advertisements Today i woke up completely drained. For whatever reason, in my head i have no good ideas to share with you. In this exact moment i could stop writing….

Valentine’s Day: The Day Of Love?

Advertisements On February 14th the sky becomes more blue, the sun becomes lighter, the air smells of love and good feelings are all around you. Finally, for all the couples,….

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