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Trust is HARD!

Advertisements When people talk about trust it looks like a big deal! You know, something you have to fight for, don’t take for granted and keep it as the best….

Let’s Get Naked!

Advertisements This is not a post about sexuality. Absolutely not! This should be a celebration of what we are! Let me explain you, because nobody is naked, but we all….

Abuses: Can men protect Women?

Advertisements Every year, on March 8th, we celebrate the International Woman’s day. It’s for me a cheap way for men to fell less guilty about the society men themselves have….

Talking: Being a Liar or Telling the Truth?

Advertisements It happened to me almost every time: talking with someone. It may be a member of my family, a friend or myself. It’s like a nail in my brain….


Advertisements It doesn’t really matter how old we are, who we are, where we live or the time we live. There’s something that connects us all over the world: talking…..

Famous and not Famous: Can They Be Together?

Advertisements Yesterday i was talking with my sister about something. I don’t remember exactly where we started. At a certain point, we ended up talking about all the celebrity who….

Valentine’s Day: The Day Of Love?

Advertisements On February 14th the sky becomes more blue, the sun becomes lighter, the air smells of love and good feelings are all around you. Finally, for all the couples,….

Gold Digger: Are All Women Like That?

Advertisements She take my money well I’m in needYeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeedOh, she’s a gold diggerWay over town that digs on me Gold Digger – Kanye West feat…..

Love and Sex: Are The Same Thing?

Advertisements Today the monkey in my brain is not doing pretty well. I mean, he’s not sick, but for some reason he’s particularly active in showing me erotic stuff. A….

Single: Pro and Cons.

Advertisements I am single. I have had in my life here and there some women i have my fun with, but i have never been in the position to say….

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