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Trust is HARD!

Advertisements When people talk about trust it looks like a big deal! You know, something you have to fight for, don’t take for granted and keep it as the best….

Summer: Everybody’s Lover!

Advertisements Who doesn’t love summer? The period between June and September (or from December to March if you live in the southern Hemisphere) is the best. In the air there….

Writing: The Less, The Better!

Advertisements I am probably the least consistence blogger out there. Let’s face it. Last post of mine is months old. Or maybe i am the only person out there who….

Privacy: is That something Real?

Advertisements The more internet and the digital business grow and get bigger, the more services we use on internet, the bigger is the concerns in everyone of us regarding our….

Let’s Get Naked!

Advertisements This is not a post about sexuality. Absolutely not! This should be a celebration of what we are! Let me explain you, because nobody is naked, but we all….

Ukraine War: The World Will Never Be The Same!

Advertisements Let me tell you something, brother! 2022 might be the “year 0” for humanity. What happened in Ukraine is awful, horrible and incredible to believe! I’m agree with you…..

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