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Abuses: Can men protect Women?

Advertisements Every year, on March 8th, we celebrate the International Woman’s day. It’s for me a cheap way for men to fell less guilty about the society men themselves have….

I’m Tired…Mentally!

Advertisements It’s 2022. When i started this year i had so much ideas to develop. And i have started pretty good. Then i lost entirely my will to write. I….

Famous and not Famous: Can They Be Together?

Advertisements Yesterday i was talking with my sister about something. I don’t remember exactly where we started. At a certain point, we ended up talking about all the celebrity who….

Instagram: The Fake Industry

Advertisements Instagram is by far the most used social media on Earth. There are billions of active accounts that daily use this App. And the reasons why people are on….

Digital Sex Workers: Who Are They?

Advertisements All around sex is not something wise to talk about. Both because people don’t like those content (i don’t know why!) and because those contents don’t pay. Well, advertisers….

Data: The Most Precious Good!

Advertisements If you think that Money or natural resources are the most precious good in this world, you are wrong and you mentality is very old. If you think that….

Gold Digger: Are All Women Like That?

Advertisements She take my money well I’m in needYeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeedOh, she’s a gold diggerWay over town that digs on me Gold Digger – Kanye West feat…..

Single: Pro and Cons.

Advertisements I am single. I have had in my life here and there some women i have my fun with, but i have never been in the position to say….

Sport: Supporters and their “Stupidity”!

Advertisements People all over the world say about sport two things: too much money and no loyalty. Those people are right! Looking the amount of money and the different movement….

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